Featured Programs

Women and Families Empowered introduces new ideas into real community difficulties.

Violence Against Women (VAW)

Women and Families Empowerment Violence Against Women (VAW) program offers safe havens all across America, for victims and their families. We invision safe havens in all 50 states including district of Columbia, A high level of confidentially will be enforced…

Recovery (Drug) Addiction Assistance

Women and Families Empowered offers safe havens with extended stay depending on situation.

For example:

a) Furthering Education
b) Remaining in good standing with the organization and seeking a savings financial goal.

College Students Assistance (CSA)

Women and Families Empowered assist college students with affordable housing and Financial AID.

According to Hope Lab’s research approximately 51% of college students reported some level of “Housing Insecurity” An inability to meet financial needs such as rent or utility payments and the need to move frequently.

Envisioning Residential Properties in the 50 states, as well as district of Columbia in the United States of America, Women and Families Empowerment look to assist college students only with the (CSA) program.

Veterans And Widows Assistance (VAWA)

Women and Families Empowered is focused on ending homelessness for Veterans or their widows in transition.

Troubled Kids

Women and Families Empowered Confidential Youth Development is to prepare and equip young people to meet the challenges of adulthood and achieve their full potential.

Harmonizing Social Forces

Women and Families Empowered look to head an Anti-Violence group. Looking to engage in the prevention of gang wars.