Your help empowers individuals to attain high heights in school, get on solid financial ground and live prosperous lives, we are calling on you to join us and take part in producing long-lasting composites that benefit each person.

Women and Families Empowered provide revolutionary answers to construct tough unaccompanied persons and communities, involving individuals of different status to contribute in coming up with a response.

Abling Domestic

Abling Domestic violence prevention and support with housing for victims.

Developing Neighborhood

Developing neighborhood solutions to district oppositions around the globe, from helping more than 45,000 people find jobs in Broward County, FLA.

Assisting College Students

Assisting college students with affordable housing

Gifts (Donation Breakdown)

Our Labor, Troubled Kids, Harmonizing Social Forces, Addiction Help


troubled kids, harmonizing social forces and addiction help


development and administrative cost


Women and Families Empowered volunteers and our call centre


our labour and other human service


reserved funds

Avoid Capital Gains Taxation

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